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In Stock Flooring in Phoenix, AZ & Chandler, AZ

Over 15 colors & styles to be installed in 7-days*

We know how important it is to start a flooring project when you have the time. Our wide inventory of in-stock flooring products in Phoenix and Chandler, AZ, will allow you to begin your renovations and remodels on your timeline and achieve finished results quicker!

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Divine Luxury

Retail Price: $6.48/sqft Installed

SPECIAL PRICE: $5.83/sqft Installed
Offer Ends July 31, 2024
Divine-Luxury-AZ-Extreme | Vision Flooring

AZ Extreme

Divine-Essential-Oatlands | Vision Flooring


Divine-Essential-Glimmer | Vision Flooring


Divine-Luxury-Iron-Frost | Vision Flooring

Iron Frost

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Pure Comfort

Retail Price: $5.48/sqft Installed

SPECIAL PRICE: $4.93/sqft Installed
Offer Ends July 31, 2024
Arizona-Air-Stainless | Vision Flooring

Arizona Air

Glacier | Vision Flooring


Rock Crystal | Vision Flooring


Pure Comfort Acadia | Vision Flooring

Pure Comfort Acadia

Pure Comfort Macadamia | Vision Flooring

Macadamia 2

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Retail Price: $4.48/sqft Installed

Essentials-Neutral-Ground | Vision Flooring


Cloud | Vision Flooring


Baileys | Vision Flooring


Macadamia | Vision Flooring

Macadamia 1

Stainless | Vision Flooring


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Retail Price: $2.98/sqft Installed

Raw Wood | Vision Flooring

Raw Wood

Divine-Luxury-Iron-Frost | Vision Flooring

Casual Khaki

What Does ‘Installed’ Mean?

At Vision Flooring we don’t play games and give you the cost of the carpet only. I’m sure you’ve ran into it before; ‘this carpet is only $2.99.’ Oh, you want it installed? Well then we have to add the tear out, moving furniture, tac strip, stairs, and padding too.’

How frustrating is that!?

We know you don’t want ‘just carpet’, you want to know what the actual cost is going to be for you to put it in your home. All prices you see for carpet are just that, INSTALLED prices which include;

  • Setting your install date within 48 hours of placing your deposit
  • Moving your furniture
  • Tearing out your old carpet & pad
  • Cleaning of the subfloor
  • Inspection of your tac strip & replacement if necessary
  • Our own patented DUMMBO Spray treatment that will kill Dog Urine, Mold, Mildew, Bacteria & Odors
  • A premium 8lb ½” pad (upgrades are available to a moisture barrier or full sheet of foam)
  • Love your Carpet Guarantee
  • Lifetime Installation Guarantee – no industry standard 2-year labor warranties here, we warranty our carpet installation FOR LIFE!


* Some exceptions may apply due to labor demands and supply chains


    • Monday: 9AM-5PM
    • Tuesday: 9AM-5PM
    • Wednesday: 9AM-5PM
    • Thursday: 9AM-5PM
    • Friday: 9AM-5PM
    • Saturday: 10AM-4PM
    • Sunday: Closed