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Your Carpet Experts in Phoenix & Chandler, AZ

There is nothing like the soothing, plush feel of high-quality carpet underfoot to help you unwind and relax in your home. Let’s find the ideal carpet fiber, construction, texture, and visual to complete your home with chic style and tremendous performance.

Explore Different Carpet Styles

Whatever your favorite design aesthetic is, Vision Flooring has the ultimate selection of eye-catching carpet styles that can unleash your creativity.

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From installation and care and maintenance to understanding what different carpet specs mean and how they will serve your home, our carpet experts are ready to answer your questions. Greater carpet knowledge will help you have the ultimate confidence in the stunning products you bring home!

What Is The Best Carpet For My Family?

If you’ve been scouring the internet trying to find out what carpet is best, you’ve came to the right place! You’ve likely seen dozens of articles about polyester vs nylon, broadloom vs Berber etc. and for a non-carpet nerd all that information can be OVERWHELMING.

Allow us to simplify the carpet buying process a little bit with just a couple big tips on purchasing that will ensure you love your new carpet!

  • The Manufacturer Matters! – In your carpet purchase journey, perhaps no decision is more important than which manufacturer you choose. All carpet manufacturers have their own reasons for why their ‘x’ carpet is better than ‘y’ carpet and how x & y is always better than the other guys’ stuff. We recommend going with a large manufacturer that has a great history of standing behind their products, which is why we carry ONLY Shaw, Fabrica/Dixie group, Mohawk & Dreamweaver. Tens of thousands of carpets to choose from in those brands and all with fantastic warranties that we know from experience the manufacturers will back, giving you peace of mind in your purchase.
  • Where You Buy Matters! – Just as it’s important to choose a manufacturer with a great track record, the same is true for the retailer. Here’s the secret; regardless of who you buy from, chances are the carpet is coming from the same manufacturers. The real differentiating factors at the store level are their Installation Professionals & the warranties related to labor. It’s often the most overlooked aspect but you’ll spend 2-3 hours with the salesperson when it’s the installer who will be in your home for hours if not days, moving all your furniture and delivering a product that you will use every second of every day of your life.
  • Feel First, Color Second – Start your journey by identifying the type of carpet that feels best to you that meets your needs. Once you identify the type & feel that you like, there will be plenty of color options that you’ll love, whereas if you start with color, you may find that the exact color is only available in a certain style/fiber type.
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Love Your Carpet Guarantee

We’re the only store in town that offers a “Love Your Carpet Guarantee!” with your newly installed carpet. Does your newly installed carpet look a little lighter than you’d like? NO WORRIES! We’ll replace it with another color for FREE!

Room Visualizer

Leave nothing to the imagination. With our room visualizer, you can see our products in your home before you buy.

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Carpet Services in Phoenix & Chandler, AZ

Gorgeous carpet is an incredible investment for families and businesses that want to craft a relaxing, warm layout. Vision Flooring offers expert carpet services to help maintain and care for these attractive, plush surfaces.

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When you are looking for soft surface solutions in your home, carpet binding can create the perfect area rugs to fit unique spaces:


Periodic professional carpet cleaning is an outstanding way to help preserve the stunning soft surfaces in your rooms:


What type of carpet constructions, fibers, and visuals would you like to explore? Our carpet experts are ready to help today:

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With our special financing offers, it’s never been easier to bring home the flooring you love to uplift the entire household. We can’t wait to assist you in every way and help you achieve your ultimate vision!

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Call us or schedule your in-home consultation and we’ll bring the showroom to you.

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Rather come to the showroom? Visit our design center in Chandler. 

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