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Before, During, And After Your Tile Installation

Before installation day, be sure to have all your furniture, rugs, and other items removed from the areas in question. Secure or remove frames, pictures hanging, and other breakable items from your walls. Unplug all appliances and remove lamps, computers, TVs, and electronics as well. Thoroughly clean the area after, as doing so will help speed up the installation preparation process.

Tile requires a completely level subfloor so you will need to have old flooring removed and disposed of beforehand, as well as handle any specific subfloor issues at this time. If your subfloor is damaged or has weak areas, you will need to fix these and ensure that the subfloor is completely level and smooth. Also, bring the tile into the rooms to acclimate to the temperature and humidity for at least 24-48 hours ahead of installation.

During Your Tile Installation:

Once all preparation has been completed and a plan is in place, the installation will begin. Make sure that children and pets have vacated the area for their own safety. Plan to stay close during this process so that last-minute questions can and will be answered as needed. Your installation crew will be communicative throughout the entire process.

During tile installation, designate an area for the team to house tools and cut tile as needed. Depending on the size and scope of the tile installation things may vary, but plan on the process taking several hours to a full day for each room and the unique dimensions that they can present.

After Your Tile Installation:

Once installation is finished, you may need to stay off your new tile floors for 24 hours to let all pieces and grout set. You may also want to open a window or run a fan to help remove smells associated with installation. Work with your installation crew to assess if your flooring height has changed and hinged doors need to be shaved down, to ensure that your doors have full range of motion with the new floors.

If you have questions post-installation, feel free to contact your friends at [Retailer "companyname"].

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