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Laminate Care in Phoenix & Chandler, AZ

In addition to helping you select and install the flooring options you love, we want to help you preserve your surfaces as well. By creating a regular laminate care routine that’s easy to follow, and treating spills and stains the proper way, your floors will remain gorgeous for years.

Regular Laminate Care & Maintenance

You will love how incredibly low maintenance that laminate floors are. Daily or frequent sweeping will remove tracked-in dust and debris, and simply use a cloth and water to remove any spots. Use a pH-neutral cleaner if needed. Verify that your laminate floors have the appropriate level of moisture resistance before you wet mop them. We also recommend using mats at entrances and rugs to minimize the impact of household activity.

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Dealing With Laminate Spills & Stains

Laminate is perfect for a home with kids and pets where frequent spills and accidents can occur, since you can simply wipe up most spills on laminates when they happen and use a pH-neutral cleaner to remove dried spills. You do not need steam cleanings, a vacuum, brushes, steel wool, or ammonia cleaners: Use a soft nylon brush, a manufacturer-approved cleaner, and water to treat spots and stains.

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