What Carpet Will Perform Best for Busy Moms?

What carpet will perform the best for busy mom? It’s a very old question and the answers have changed over the years. Just like many other industries, the products have evolved as technology has improved and lifestyle needs have also changed. Generally speaking, nylon and Anso PET are two top flooring materials – and, for good reason. So, let’s take a closer look these carpet offerings and how they look and perform.

Why Choose Carpet for Busy Families?

People usually have their preferences when it comes to flooring. Be it carpet, vinyl, or another kind. Generally, these preferences are mostly due to aesthetics, but that isn’t the only factor. Some people like the look and feel of carpet because it’s soft and soothing. Others prefer different textures and therefore, gravitate towards other materials, such as vinyl and more.

But, just why is it so many families go with carpet over other types of flooring? Well, there are three primary reasons: durability, safety, and maintenance. These are very important qualities, especially to busy moms with little to no free time on their hands. Here’s some details as to why nylon and Anso PET carpets are so very popular with families, both big and small:

Carpet is Durable

Make no mistake about it – carpet is quite durable. It boasts a long lifespan – especially nylon. The reason for this is simple. Nylon is extremely strong and that means it is very resilient – two qualities that are essential for families. Kids equal messiness and carpet is one of the easiest to care for and it’s also good for safety reasons (those are addressed below). What’s more, families with pets will appreciate carpet because nylon is terrific for resisting scratches and abrasions on skin. Whatever type of carpet you ultimately choose, be sure it’s high density since this quality will last a very long time and will also show less wear as the flooring ages.

Carpet is Safe

Carpet is perfect for busy moms with small children because it’s one of the safest materials. Carpet is installed over padding and both provide cushion. (Not to mention, more comfort for crawlers and even older kids who like to play video game consoles.) Of course, carpet is very safe for babies who are learning to walk and those who are crawling. Whereas, harder flooring materials can be rough on crawlers and definitely for kids learning to walk, who are prone to fall. Crawlers, scooters, and walkers will all benefit from the softness alike.

Moreover, for families who are taking care of elderly parents or have grandparents who visit frequently, carpet is much less stressful on the feet and joints, unlike hard flooring materials, which are a lot less forgiving on the feet and joints. What’s more, carpet is slip resistant – which is great for both young children and elderly adults.

Carpet Offers Easy Maintenance

Another reason busy mothers prefer carpet is because they know it doesn’t require a whole lot of maintenance. In fact, it’s one of the easiest to care for and with minimum effort. Most styles of carpet don’t demand much from moms who are otherwise preoccupied with their children. Just regular vacuuming is about all that’s necessary in most cases. That’s it. A consistent vacuum schedule will generally be sufficient to keep it in good condition and to keep it looking its best.

As for spills, that’s not a big deal, either. Clean up any spill as soon as possible to prevent staining. Better yet, there are some types of carpet which actually hide dirt and conceal imperfections, too. So, you don’t have to be perfect about your cleaning habits.

Carpet is a great performer for busy moms not only because it is durable, safe, and low maintenance, but also because it provides warmth and comfort and it is also available in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colors. In other words, carpet is very versatile and that’s a big reason it is so popular. These qualities make carpet an even better choice.

Would you like a specific color to match your home’s style and decor? Carpet is a great way to go. Or, how about a flooring material that makes a home feel warmer and more inviting? Carpet delivers in so many ways.

Carpet is an Excellent Choice for Families of All Sizes

When it comes to flooring, busy moms don’t need more work. They need a material that comes in a wide variety of styles and colors, is very durable and lasts a long time, is safe for children and adults, and doesn’t not require a whole lot of intricate maintenance. In additional to all these great qualities, carpet is generally one of the most affordable types of flooring, making it ideal for families on a budget but who also want a good look. So, be sure to check out nylon and ANSO PET for two of the best performers!