Which Flooring is Best for Kitchens

Which flooring is best for kitchens? This may seem like an easy question to answer, but once you get into the details, you see that it’s far more complex. In fact, it’s not as straightforward as most people believe it is. So, let’s take a look at some of the things that you need to know if you’re shopping for kitchen flooring.

Which Flooring is Best for Kitchens?

This question typically arises when homeowners decide to remodel or property investors acquire a new asset, or even when there’s a replacement that’s necessary. Regardless of the circumstances, kitchens help to define a home. The kitchen is one of the single most important spaces in any house, as any experienced professional real estate person will tell you. It is so important that people ultimately decide to see or purchase a property based on the appearance and functionality of the kitchen. You probably know and understand this, which is why you’re asking the question of what type of flooring is best for a kitchen.

Well, in order to answer that, you should know some basic things about different types of flooring. Most people would instinctively answer ceramic tile, or maybe even hardwood. Engineered wood would also probably be a suggestion, but vinyl plank may come as the biggest surprise.

Most Important Qualities for Kitchen Floors

In order to determine which type of flooring is best for a kitchen, you should know what qualities it must possess. If it does not have one of these four qualities, then it’s probably not the best choice. Here are the essential elements that flooring should have for a kitchen:

  • Durability. Okay, this might seem like it’s all too obvious, but people really do get caught up in appearance and aesthetics. This is actually one of the reasons that flooring manufacturers offer so many similar types of products in different materials. It’s also why you might see a home that looks like it has hardwood installed throughout the kitchen and common areas, but it’s actually tile. Or, why vinyl plank has become so popular, because it very closely mimics other types of flooring, such as traditional hardwood. Whatever you ultimately choose, it must be very durable, because this is one of the most highly trafficked spaces in the house.
  • Water resistant. All right, this also belongs in the obvious column, but it definitely bears including. No matter how great a floor looks when it’s initially installed, it’s going to take a beating in the kitchen, no doubt about it. So, you need to choose a material that will hold up against spills, and that is especially resistant to water. Here again, vinyl plank delivers and it’s one of the many reasons why it’s becoming so popular.
  • Scrubbable. Now, this might come as a surprise to you, but some folks just don’t think about this quality. Sure, they want it to be durable and water resistant, but they don’t think about what goes into cleaning up those messy spills. This is actually where ceramic tile and hardwood show their weaknesses. Although both look great when originally installed, over time, they begin to lose their luster. And, hardwood is especially prone to staining, because it is so porous. Additionally, grout must be cleaned to keep it looking its best and, it takes a lot of time and effort to keep ceramic tile in top condition.
  • Friendly design. Kitchens serve as the heart of a home. Although this has become a bit cliche, it is nevertheless true. Kitchens are common gathering places and that means you need a flooring product that fits the overall design. Unfortunately, sometimes other materials will fall short here, but this is yet another area where vinyl plank shines.

When you’re selecting a flooring material for your kitchen, be sure that it is durable, water-resistant, can withstand heavy cleaning, and will look good in the space.

Common Choices May Not be the Best

When it comes to replacing the kitchen floor, you definitely want to make the right choice, given the kitchen serves not only as a preparation and cooking space but also as a gathering area. With all of that activity, people tend to think of materials like ceramic tile and hardwood. Although these have great aesthetic qualities, they are probably not the best choice. Vinyl plank will outperform these materials in a number of ways.

Why Vinyl Plank is a Great Choice for Kitchen Flooring

First and foremost, vinyl is much softer than tile and hardwood, too. Additionally, glue-down has more options for customization – something that you won’t necessarily find in other types of materials. And, manufacturers like Karndean are the premier producer of vinyl plank. So, if you’re looking for the best choice for your kitchen floor, you now have the answer.