What Carpet is Best for Stairs?

What carpet is best for stairs? It’s a common question for homeowners and property investors alike who find themselves in a replacement situation. Maybe you’ve owned the property for quite some time and now, it’s come time to switch it out. Or, maybe you’re a property investor who needs to freshen the residents up and this is one of the best ways to not only make it look good but help protect the stairs underneath. Regardless of why you need stairs carpeted, you need to know which products are the best for this particular purpose.

Which Carpet is Best for Stairs

Let’s start with some of the best manufacturers: Shaw, Fabrica, and Dreamweaver. These three names are the top tier in the industry and for very good reason. They not only produce high-quality carpets, but they also offer quite a lot of variety. So, it is highly recommended that when you’re choosing carpet, you select a product from Shaw, Fabrica, or Dreamweaver. Sure, there are other manufacturers that produce carpeting too, but they do not deliver the same quality and that means a much shorter lifespan, which obviously translates into incurring future costs that really aren’t necessary.

How to Select the Best Carpet for Stairs

The best thing you can do when you are ready to carpet stairs is to speak with an experienced sales and installation company. Sure, it’s possible to just do a bit of quick research online, but that won’t give you the same sound advice as someone who is in the business. If you bring photos of your place, including the stairs, you’ll get a lot better recommendations about which products are the most suitable and which best fit your budget. Now, let’s get into some of the things you should be looking for when you’re carpeting stairs.

It Should be Very Durable

It’s no secret that just about any staircase gets a lot of foot traffic. And, it’s a bit more rigorous than other highly trafficked areas, like the kitchen or bathrooms. The reason for this ought to be obvious – going up and down stairs takes more effort. And, if the residence is home to children and pets, its usage will be very high.

There are many types of fibers available and nylon is one of the more common, though not necessarily always the best choice. You need a product that is very durable and long-lasting, something that will retain its original qualities and sustain a lot of wear and tear. Many of the best manufacturers offer carpet products that are extraordinarily durable and you should consult with a professional who knows these types of details intimately. Still, durability should be one of your top priorities.

Stair Carpet Should be Stain Resistant

Here’s something else that should go without saying, but is still worth mentioning. That is, that carpet for stairs should also be stain resistant – and you know exactly why this is a necessary quality. Stairs are prone to spills and other types of soiling, simply because going up and down them always carries some level of precariousness. So, be sure the products you’re looking at not only offer a lot of durability but are also staying and soil resistant.

Consider Thickness

Here’s a misnomer that a lot of people tend to believe – thicker always means higher quality and that the product will last longer. However, this simply isn’t true and you should disabuse yourself of this notion. Although thickness will definitely play a role in your ultimate decision, it should be well understood that thickness doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be the best quality or provide the most durability. Here again, you should consult a professional who knows these products and can advise you on what amount of thickness is best for your particular wants and needs. Remember, thickness doesn’t guarantee it will work for your set of uses or for the overall space.

Understand Different Warranties

This is something that can really trip people up because it can be quite confusing when you first look at different warranties. Each manufacturer will offer its own type of warranty and these can be significantly different from one to another. So, you need to know all the details in order to make the most informed decision. And, don’t just rely on the warranty as the biggest selling point. Sure, peace of mind is always a great thing, but yet again, if you speak with a professional, you’ll be able to learn which product and its accompanying warranty is best for your situation.

As you can plainly see, choosing carpet for stairs isn’t a straightforward proposition. You need to know what options are available, and then match those products with your wants and needs. You might just be surprised at which carpet you ultimately decide to go with and that’s why it is so important that you speak with someone who is knowledgeable so you make the right choice for your stairs.