The Benefits of Vinyl Over Tile

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The benefits of vinyl over tile are probably not readily apparent to the average person. This is largely because the average consumer really isn’t all that familiar with flooring materials, save their aesthetic differences and price points. Also, vinyl has come a long way since it was first introduced to the market. Today’s vinyl is much different than it was years ago, and manufacturers continue to make impressive improvements with this flooring. So, why would someone choose vinyl over tile? Read on to learn more about the differences between vinyl and tile.

The Benefits of Vinyl over Tile

The benefits of vinyl over tile are many. However, we will just discuss the most important ones since they play the biggest role in people making their ultimate decisions. You ought to know that vinyl offers a number of choices, from style to color, to shade, and even other characteristics. While tile definitely has a long history and impressive selection, it really doesn’t offer as nearly as much as vinyl. However, selection is most definitely not the sole reason vinyl is chosen by homeowners over tile. There are plenty of other reasons.

Vinyl is Softer than Tile

One compelling characteristic of vinyl over tile is the fact that it is much softer. One of the primary reasons people choose foreign materials is their aesthetics, but closely behind that is how “homey” or comfortable they can make a house feel. And, as anyone who’s lived in a tiled house before knows all too well, it is a very hard, cold, unforgiving surface. Tile has absolutely no give to it and that’s actually one of its biggest drawbacks. But, vinyl is much softer, making it more comfortable and that’s particularly good for households with small children and pets.

Vinyl is Easier to Clean than Tile

Another compelling reason people choose vinyl over tile is that vinyl is generally easier to clean and maintain. Both vinyl and tile are clean in mostly the same way. Just a quick sweep or vacuum will pick up most dirt and debris. Both surfaces can also be mopped for a bit of extra cleaning. But, where vinyl delivers over tile is that it does not have grout. And, as anyone who has ever had a tiled floor nose, the grout gets dirty very easily and is quite difficult to clean. Grout not only gets dirty, but it can also stain and that’s something you don’t have to worry about with vinyl.

Vinyl is Waterproof

Here’s another characteristic that makes vinyl very attractive, particularly among households with children and pets – quite a few vinyl products are waterproof. Sure, tile will repel water, but it will also stain. One of the biggest selling features of vinyl is it is either waterproof or water-resistant – that makes spills that much easier to clean up, and it also helps to guarantee longevity.

Vinyl Doesn’t Easily Stain

Speaking of stains, unlike grout and some types of tile, quite a few vinyl products are not susceptible to stains, particularly if you get to the spill quickly. It’s actually one of the best features of vinyl for households with pets and children, both young and old.

Vinyl won’t Crack or Chip like Tile

Although tile looks beautiful in the showroom, that beauty can easily be lost in any home, when accidents happen. Perhaps the biggest drawback of tile is the fact that it can be chipped and is also susceptible to cracks, particularly when moving furniture or remodeling. Sure, you can replace chipped or cracked tiles, but it is a very labor-intensive and expensive task. Meanwhile, with vinyl, you generally don’t have to worry about cracks or chips, particularly if the product is high quality.

Vinyl is Typically Less Expensive than Tile

Now, let’s get to the main reason vinyl became a popular choice early on – it was less expensive than tile. The good news is, that it is still considerably less expensive than tile, and in more ways than one. Vinyl is less expensive of a product per unit, and it also doesn’t require extensive installation procedures, as tile does. The result is vinyl is less expensive all around to purchase and install.

Vinyl is Easier to Install than Tile

Now that we’re talking about installation, another great feature of vinyl is that its installation is quick and easy. Vinyl installation can usually be done in less time than tile and that’s a great thing for property investors who want to replace flooring or families that have chaotic schedules.

There you have it, some of the most compelling reasons to choose vinyl over tile. To learn more, just speak with an experienced flooring professional to help you choose the right vinyl product for your wants and needs.